Ooi Shi Min

Ooi Shi Min

Consultant Dietitian

  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Dietetics with Nutrition – International Medical University (IMU) – First Class Honors Degree
  • HRDC Certified Trainer

Ms. Ooi Shi Min graduated with First Class Honours Degree in the course of Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Dietetics with Nutrition from International Medical University (IMU). Since young, she has been very passionate when it comes to any matters related to nutrition and wellness.

Throughout her dietetics journey, she involved herself in clinical, food service, community and digital settings. She always applies Nutrition Care Process Model in providing Medical Nutrition Therapy for patients with different diseases. She also has experiences in conducting focus group discussions and webinars, developing nutrition-related educational materials, online food journal review, nutrient analysis and modification of menu for diabetic diet and confine.

Her ultimate aim is to embed sustainable lifestyle modifications across diverse environments and societal strata. By fostering a culture of proactive health management, she envisions a society where individuals possess the knowledge and tools to prevent avoidable diseases, ensuring lifelong health and vitality.