Nathanel Tsi

Nathanel Tsi

Assistant Manager, Consultant Dietitian

  • BSc. (Hons) Dietetics with Nutrition
  • HRDC Certified Trainer

Nathanel graduated from International Medical University (IMU) with a degree in Bachelor of Science (Hons) Dietetics with Nutrition. He was clinically trained with Medical Nutrition Therapy to provide dietary nutritional care to patients with various disease management which includes metabolic syndrome, weight management, geriatrics care, kidney diseases and paediatrics management.

He has other practicum experienced from community and food service dietetics where he conducted a webinar on “Feed Right, Grow Well: Optimising Nutrition in Children with Cerebral Palsy”, design education e-materials for a wellness programme and in food service, he developed recipes, managed the operation and assists in creating electronic meal ordering system. Moreover, he managed a start-up cafeteria with new menus and operational systems.

He believes that food is the main focus in health as everyone does enjoy eating, it can be challenging to eat healthily but it can be consumed easily with healthier recipes. He is enthusiastic to provide evidence-based nutrition information along with meal recipes for the community to received accurate nutrition and enjoy various delicacies with better health and lifestyle.