Alex Goh

Alex Goh

Administrative & Marketing Executive

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing (Hons) – Nilai University

Alex Goh is a dedicated marketing executive with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Nilai University. With a strong foundation in marketing principles and strategies, he brings fresh insights and innovative approaches to the field.

He actively engaged in a myriad of marketing projects, acquiring extensive hands-on experience in domains such as digital marketing, market research, and consumer behavior. His proficiency extends to orchestrating intricate marketing campaigns and analyzing complex market dynamics. Additionally, Alex is currently immersed in his role as an event coordinator, where he meticulously plans and executes high-profile events, showcasing his exceptional organizational prowess and leadership acumen.

Moreover, he serves as the coordinator for HRDC training back-end support, demonstrating his adeptness in managing multifaceted operations and providing seamless support. Alex’s diverse and illustrious experience, combined with his proactive and innovative approach, positions him as a distinguished and invaluable asset in the marketing industry.

Alex has a keen interest in photography. This hobby not only showcases his creativity but also enhances his ability to create visually appealing and effective marketing content. His unique blend of marketing knowledge and visual storytelling sets him apart as an emerging talent in the field. He is also an automotive enthusiast, often attending vehicle-related events and conventions.