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HRDC – Corporate Wellness Training Program

1-Day Wellness Program/ Training Facilities

6 Programs

*Above listed Wellness Program are all 1-Day Wellness Workshop, will be conducted at company’s office or other training facilities
*Inclusive of FREE in-house health screening package
*Participants will be trained on Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement & blood pressure checking

HRDC – Beacon Resort program

This lifestyle modification program includes both nutritional aspects and physical activity as main domains with different behavioral and/or psychological strategies designed to affect change. A fundamental role in modifying unhealthy habits is played by personal motivation for change too. According to the Transtheoretical Model, with the proper environment and people, there is an increased tendency for a person to switch from contemplation stage to preparation stage and action stage for change to take place.

From understanding body through medical report to developing personalized diet according to body needs, this program includes a dynamic and engaging component. This program also featuring healthy recipe demonstration by dietitian that enable participants to gain practical insights into simple and nutritious meal preparation and learn about ingredient substitution for healthier alternatives.

2 Programs

  • 1-Day Wellness Workshop – “Better Health, Build a Better Team”
  • 2-Day Wellness Workshop – “Better Health, Build a Better Team”

HRDC – Wellness Team Building Program

In today’s dynamic workplaces, prioritizing well-being is essential. We prioritize not only the professional growth of the team, but also the holistic health of each individual. Our program targets physical, mental, emotional, and social health, fostering a balanced and thriving work environment. By championing wellness within the team, we can expect a lot of benefits including heightened productivity, reduced absenteeism, improved morale and enhanced job satisfaction.


  1. Healthy Habits: Adopt and sustain well-being habits in physical, mental and emotional.
  2. Interpersonal Skills: Develop empathy, authenticity, and effective communication.
  3. Problem Solving: Strategically plan and solve problems effectively.
  4. Team Synergy: Contribute to team synergy in paving for excellent work performance.

2 programs

  • 1-Day Wellness Workshop – “Building Blocks of Wellness”
  • 2 Day 1 Night Wellness Workshop – “Building Blocks of Wellness’’