Frequently Asked Questions

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You can find our dietitians by contacting our customer service number (011-1088 9006) or by inquiring with the Beacon Mart owners near you. Click here to view all of Beacon Mart's locations.


Yes ! Everyone who wants to improve their personal health and wellness can inquire with a dietitian regarding dietary and nutrition advice.

You may contact our customer service number (011-1088 9006) and list down the following details:


• Your name

• Area of residence

• Contact number

• Reason for consultation


And we will get back to you!

Before the consultation, you will be required to answer a set of questions for us to know your current lifestyle practice. After that, we will make an appointment for you to have a consultation with our medical nutrition therapy consultant/dietitian.


During the consultation, our consultant/dietitian will assess and identify what you want to achieve (your health goals) as you go through this journey with us. Whether you wish to achieve total wellness (to maintain or improve health), or treatment (those in remission, weak or with diseases). We will assist to diagnose the root cause or symptomatic health issues (if any) and establish targeted therapies via customized plans according to your lifestyle suitability. Our innovative health solution programs include:


• Medical Nutrition Therapy (Integrative treatment)

• Lifestyle Intervention (when, what & how)

• Healing Diet (Eating your way to health)

• Vitamins and supplementation (Convenience enhancement solution)


The synergized services by our affiliate expertise:


• Genetic Profiling Test (Advance customized blood test)

• Complementary & alternative treatment (TCM)

• Diagnostic (Health Screening & imaging)

• Cell therapy (Cexcicell)

• Beauty Wellness (Face & body)

• Retreat for relaxation and wellness

• Modern Medicine


By the end of the medical nutrition consultation, you will be able to know the root cause of your issues as well as receive a precise and customized plan based on your needs and problem or your health goal.