Corporate Services

Our corporate services at Beacon Wellness extend beyond individual consultations to comprehensively support the health and wellness needs of organizations. Through tailored programs, we aim to promote employee well-being, enhance productivity, foster a culture of health, and ultimately contribute to organizational success.

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Corporate Employee Programs

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HRDF Claimable Programs

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F&B Partnerships

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Pharmacy Collaborations

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International Health Programs

Workplace Services: Corporate Staff Programs

We offer a wide range of on-site health screenings, interactive wellness workshops, personalized health coaching sessions, and diverse fitness programs tailored to support and enhance employee well-being. Recognizing that investing in the health of employees yields numerous benefits, including reduced absenteeism and increased productivity, we strive to empower organizations to prioritize the health and vitality of their workforce.

Staff Training: HRDF Recognized Workshops

As an HRDF accredited provider, we offer a comprehensive array of programs tailored to address various aspects of employee well-being, including stress management techniques, nutritional education sessions, first aid training courses, and guidance on workplace ergonomics. By leveraging HRDF funding, companies can invest in the professional development of their employees while also fostering safer and more conducive work environments. Click here to explore the full range of our HRDF programs and learn how they can benefit your organization.

Business Collaborations: Food and Beverage Alliances

Through partnerships with food and beverage establishments, we advocate for healthier dining options that prioritize fresh, wholesome ingredients and mindful eating practices. Our initiatives empower individuals to make informed dietary choices that support their overall well-being and contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Join us in promoting a culture of wellness through nourishing food experiences and positive lifestyle choices.

Corporate Affiliations: Pharmacy Partnerships

In collaboration with pharmacies, we broaden healthcare services beyond medication dispensing to encompass comprehensive support. This includes professional counseling, health screenings, tailored chronic disease management, and access to specialized products, all aimed at enhancing overall health outcomes and well-being within the community. Join us in our commitment to providing holistic care and fostering healthier lives for all.

Global Wellness Services: Corporate Solutions

For organizations with global operations, our comprehensive health services extend support to employees abroad at every stage. Beginning with pre-departure health assessments and continuing through their international assignments, we ensure their well-being with medical support and assistance. Our services include medical repatriation options, ensuring employees receive the care they need regardless of their location. Trust us to safeguard the health of your global workforce every step of the way.